About us

Reyhaneh Plast

Rayhane Plast Co., Sahand Qom, started its activity in the field of plastic products production since 2003, and in 1993, by changing the management and modernizing the devices, it focused on producing all kinds of plastic products with world quality and by receiving ISO and European standards. On the supply of quality products to domestic customers, Al-Oveh focused on global markets, which succeeded in exporting to Iraq and Oman, and since 2018, it has been selling nationwide in Iran by attracting agents active in other provinces of the country and Sales without intermediaries in Tehran province became active in the form of capillary sales and presence in reputable chain stores in Iran.

Reyhaneh Plast Sahand Qom commits to continuous and comprehensive improvement of its productive activities, a constant challenge to utilize the best and most efficient methods in its products to win the finest quality and satisfaction of the most consumers. Reyhaneh Plast costs its products in a way to support all societal categories. We consistently accumulate records in sales processes and marketing to infer more reliable data to assist us accomplish better understanding of the marketing conditions and customers’ needs and wants. With a competent distribution team we are capable of sending our products to the furthest spots around the country.